Blast It-All

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Cover Image
DeveloperLast Horizon Games
Current Version1.5
Content RatingEveryone
PlatformsOUYA, Razer Forge TV
Rating Average3.38/5
Rating Count52
Demo AvailableYes
Blast your way through waves of alien ships in this retro-inspired space shoot'em up. Blast It-All features the classic look of old school arcade games, with an updated scoring system that will keep you coming back for more. Perfect each wave, defeat multiple unique bosses and get the high score. Can you Blast It-All!

- 100 waves of enemies
- Power ups
- 5 Bosses
- Online Leaderboards
- Easy and Normal Modes
- Unlockable Bossrush Mode

Feb 2017 Update (v1.5):

Changes & Additions:
- Total rework of the first boss (new graphics, animation, behavior, and sounds).
- Slight update to the UI button graphics and animations.
- Leaderboards can now be scrolled through with the Left Joystick.
- Updated the look of the player ship's shots (new particle and trail effects).
- Power-up drops are now easier to get, especially on later stages (Easy Mode drops them more frequently than Normal).