Doorless Darts

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Cover Image
DeveloperKris Attfield
Current Version1.1.1
Content Rating9+
PlatformsM.O.J.O., Nuvola NP-1, OUYA, Razer Forge TV
Rating Average3.33/5
Rating Count18
Demo AvailableYes
APK Namecom.krisattfield.doorlessdarts
Two friends have magically teleported into a room with no doors, and to get out they must compete with each other in a full round of darts!

The dartboard is a bit over-sized for people in the game world, but it’s a good size for your TV.

Free-to-play: Throw a few practice darts to get the feel of the controls. (1 Player)

Paid: Engage in a friendly game of 501 or 301 with your friend. (2 Players)

This game includes hotseat mode, meaning one controller for two players.

Please email comments, suggestions and bug reports to

New in Version 1.1.1::: Cosmetic fix to make game look better on Forge.