Morals Are Optional

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DeveloperLad Inc
Website[http:// http://]
Current Version1.2
Content Rating17+
PlatformsM.O.J.O., OUYA, Razer Forge TV
Rating Average4.2/5
Rating Count61
Demo AvailableYes
Multiplayer fun, where Morals Are Optional!

Grab some friends and use your phones as the controllers. Enjoy the excitement of "Cards Against Humanity" on a digital platform.

The game is easy, just submit a white card to try complete the funniest statement. Setup takes seconds, just start the app and have all players go to to join the game on any device with a browser. Its that simple!

Minimum of 3 players required. Players must all be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The cards in the game are from the US version of "Cards Against Humanity" (Base pack and expansions 1-5). The content of the Cards Against Humanity Cards are available for use under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 License.

Morals Are Optional is an open source project, search for "Morals-Are-Optional" on github.