Tiamat X

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DeveloperBBQ Games
Current Version1.2.1
Content Rating9+
Rating Average3.22/5
Rating Count198
Demo AvailableYes
APK Namecom.BBQGames.TiamatX
The evil Choazid Empire has launched a surprise attack on your homeworld, establishing a heavily fortified base from where their forward assault group burrows deep underground, capturing subterranean lifeforms and transforming them into vicious biomechs.
With it being only a matter of time before the Choazids start converting your people, it's up to you to take the controls of one of the few remaining Tiamat dragonship prototypes: the X class fighter, a craft capable of immense firepower - provided you pick up enough upgrade caches during a mission where you must dodge and blast like there's no tomorrow.
Featuring six levels of intense shooting action, Tiamat X is a rip-snortin tribute to the side-scrolling shooters of yesteryear, and would be right at home blazing away on the screen of a booming, beer-stained arcade cabinet. As such, your PC will have to do, and it is much to the designer's regret that he can't plumb a coin-slot into his rig for that truly authentic seaside amusement-park experience.
Get some big speakers, though. Really, we do recommend them for this game.

Key features include:
* Auto fire - this is primarily intended as an accessibility option and allows the player to not have to worry about using a fire button.
* Quick fire - don't like mashing buttons/keys, then this is for you. Press and hold to fire.
* Colour blind filter - this filter adjusts the game thereby making it more colour blind friendly. We just hope we have got it right!
* Six levels of intense shooting action.
* Original music score.
* Global score board.

Update history

* added news feed
* changes to music playback
* bug fixes

* Show/hide option for IAP offers
* Implementation of separate high score tables for 3/5 lives

* High score/keyboard bug fix

* Initial version